About Us

Croneybyrne Courtyard is a small holiday complex of 3 luxurious self-catering holiday homes in Clara vale near Rathdrum, Glendalough, Roundwood and Ashford in County Wicklow.

The unique historic buildings set in a picturesque courtyard with tastefully decorated holiday homes and magical woodland, offers quality service of attentiveness for you while on holiday. The area is ideal for walkers, cyclists and nature lovers with lots of wildlife and trails on your doorstep. It is ideal for families or couples with a wooded playground and farm hens.

Croneybyrne history

The family house and farmyard buildings built in 1767, where Croneybyrne Courtyard now stands was once the home of the most famous and aristocratic of the County Wicklow families, the Byrnes of Croney. Some years later Croneybyrne House was built in 1820 to replace the former house with its own church.

The Byrnes of Croney developed a very prosperous and modern estate providing a livelihood for the local community as well as prominence in the industrial revolution of the early 19th century and Victorian era. Their large tanneries in Liverpool required bark from beech trees which the Croneybyrne forests provided an abundant supply on the 300 acre estate.

The death of Queen Victoria was the end of an era not only in Britain but also in Croneybyrne with an economic depression.

The estate was passed down through the family with many members being buried in the Byrne family vault in Glendalough.